Less Chaos.  More Time.

Affordable By-the-Hour Personal & Virtual Assistants

Badass P.A. provides extra time to busy people for true work/life balance by offering savvy and affordable help through a variety of services in an efficient, friendly, and straight-forward manner.


Badass P.A. is all about getting your stuff done. Whether you need us for one hour or an entire day, we'll knock out that pesky list that robs your time and stands between you and the things you actually want to be doing. Add more hours into your day by delegating life's have-to's so you can enjoy life's want-to's. Whether you’re a soloprenuer or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Badass P.A. has the tools and know-how to assist you in completing your projects and stay within your budget.


We're incredibly capable, obsessively productive, and awesome to work with...all at the right price!



Virtual & On-Site Assistance


   Easy & Affordable

Bonded & Insured

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Here's What Our Clients Want You to Know:

"I am quite impressed with Badass PA and will recommend them to everyone I know!" - Professional Entertainer

"As a small business owner, having Coor and Badass PA help maximize the quality of my social media, fine tune my profit and loss margin, improve my accounting, as well as my business processes has been extremely helpful.  My business has grown, and I feel much more confident in where my business will be in 5 years."

-PDX Business Owner and  Women with Moxie Member

"It was actually my wife who found Badass PA of Portland and suggested I contract their service to, among other things but importantly, help me schedule time together, help me to plan surprise dates, getaways, adventures, etc. and to do this, helping me to manage my non-work schedule such as booking appointments, assisting with clerical tasks, running errands, finding other contractors to complete work at home... Coor's protection of and advocacy on behalf of her clients in dealing with difficult people is second to none.  I plan to send her in to the dealership as my "negotiator" next time I need to buy a car- that good." 

- Physican and Smart Husband

"Before I knew it, everything happened quickly and efficiently,  she even had to deal with me out of the country and challenging financial logistics. The process was EASY AND SEAMLESS."        -Corporate Event Coordinator on Her Cross Country Relocation 

"Things that I don't like to do or am not good at are just getting handled. Those things that I need to have more control of are better understood and easier for me to complete. Thanks Badass!"​ - Fitness Guru

“I contacted Badass P.A. (love the name!) because I had one of those annoying little projects that I always MEANT to do, but somehow couldn’t find the precious time to complete.  I reached out to Coor and she immediately understood the nature of the project and offered a quick solution to finally get it off the ground.  Coor’s approach to working together was communicative, reliable, and effective.  My project was a success and I’ll happily contact Coor and  Badass P.A. the next time I need some reinforcements to get the job done!”  - Senior Management in Fitness Apparel Company 

Of course we're bonded and insured!

Confidentiality, trustworthiness, and dependability are paramount at Badass P.A.


Address: 1819 SW 5th Ave. #201 Portland, OR 97201  Telephone: 503.803.5600