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Our team excels at providing our clients with rapid-results with executive assistant tasks and documentation, personal assistance projects, small business strategies, process development, recruiting, and domestic & international relocations. Clients may have similar challenges, but no two clients are the same. All of our clients have access to a personalized process and strategy for accomplishing their goals.

Experience for yourself why Badass P.A. is Portland's premiere service for C-Suite executive, solopreneur's, individuals, and families alike. Our experienced executive, personal, and virtual assistants begin building  hours back into your week the first day working together. 

Our experienced team of executive assistants, personal assistants, & virtual assistants are on stand- by for you to bring your upcoming projects, goals, concerns, and all those unfinished lists you started. 


What We Do Better Than Just About Everyone Else

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Executive Experience

There is a better way to life than spending every Sunday evening dreading Monday morning. Reclaim your days off knowing that you got last week done last week.

We understand that for our executive clients sometimes the stakes can be high and that they are highest for soloprenuers. When it needs to be right the first time, you want to make sure you are delegating to an executive assistant you can trust has been to the table before. Along with our experience across private sector industries, our diverse team and skillset is the secret to our ability to deliver rapid results for the complex, fluid, and high-level challenges our clients face. 

Our executive assistants understand what executive habits are essential for successful enterprises. We excel at identifying and addressing what factors and variables are adding to your time management stress throughout the week, and negatively impacting your performance. 

Connect with us and experience the weight of being overwhelmed lifted off of you and the service that comes from a team who genuinely cares about your  brand's success. You’ll finally be able to focus on the actions that only you can do for your company with the confidence your executive assistant with Badass P.A. is taking care of the rest. 


Clone Yourself Experience

When some people hear the words "personal assistant", their mind jumps to A-list folks like Richard Branson or Beyonce. At Badass P.A., we're working to change that perception of personal assistant services. At Badass P.A., we strive to keep our price point accessible and polish our processes in order assist individuals and families alike as efficiently as possible. The challenge of needing to be in two places at once in universal. Badass P.A. is the solution to needing someone who would do things the way you would do them (maybe even a little bit better).


Many people who need assistance have no idea where to even begin if they had access to their own personal assistant. Our goal when supporting a client is to streamline more of their day and get reclaim their wasted time. We are comfortable working together with you or independently on analyzing, strategizing, delegating, and executing the tasks & projects you need completed.


Our team of seasoned personal assistants are great with addressing pending deadlines, knocking out backlogs of documentation, and organizing your life at home or in the digital realm. We are trusted professional liaisons, project managers, and we don't mind taking some of your bookkeeping chores as well. 

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Research, Analytics, 

& Strategy

Better data should yield better decisions. The problem for our clients is that they sometimes don't have the time in their schedule to allocate to perform the proper research necessary in order to make the decision that is the best fit for their team, clients, and families. better research usually makes for better outcomes. 

​If you need to know, we can help you find out. Clients need researched information for vendors for simple tasks such as their home services, or rising competitors in their market. They also need accurate research of things like new government regulations & protocols, and COG data prior to a product launch.


We locate information you need, as well as analyze the results. Next, the data is communicated to you in simple terms while still providing a comprehensive overview. If you want us to work with you on strategy for your next steps, we can happily do that as well.

Overpromising is not in our lexicon. We don't want to take on anything that is outside of our ability to deliver on time and error free. You can trust our assistants to speak up and let you know when we think it is time to consider bringing in additional expertise. 

Your Tech:

Troubleshooting & Training

In our opinion, all data is sensitive data. Especially when it is yours. We'll do our best to keep you protected and even educate you some simple best practices to keep your digital life more secure. 

​For some people, there's nothing more frustrating than new devices. More than just phones & computers, now our homes are getting smarter by the day. From lost passwords and new operating systems, the excitement of a new tool or toy can evaporate quite quickly. 


Frustration, stress, & anxiety don't have to go hand-in-hand with your technology. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff of personal assistants can setup & educate you on your new devices in a stress-free session.


If it isn't the hardware that has you pulling your hair out, we can also provide troubleshooting, training, and project assistance on cloud based systems for both personal and professional uses like personal budgets and accounting for small businesses, multi-team collaboration, payroll and other industry specific programs. No matter the ecosystem, we have likely troubleshot it and if we haven't we have the skills to find the resolution and implement it quickly. 

 Estate & Property Management, Relocations, and Special Projects

When it comes to the most personal space in our lives, our home, it is important to work with those who are both experienced and poised. From our inception, we have managed complex logistics and piles of bureaucratic paperwork. Learn more about what we can do for you to make the purchase, renovation, and/or move into your new space less stressful with a seamless transition. 

We have over a decade of experience managing monthly & one-off estate affairs, downsizing a property, as well as preparing the estate for sale by our client's realtors.

From new home purchases to renovations, to leasing and subletting commercial real estate, to uncoupling and international relocations, we have helped clients through it all. 

If you think that your project or situation is something we have never seen, there is a possibility we have had some experience with the elements you are dealing with. Connect with us and our founder will personally meet with you to discuss your unique situation. If we don't feel that we are a good fit for the project, we always try to suggest a trust reference who might be the proper fit.

Experience Excellence 


Seamlessly Providing Clients with Professional Assistant Services Both Locally & Globally

The Badass Membership
$100 per Month & $30 per Additional Service Hour

As a member you get two (2) hours of PA service per month for $100 and enjoy a 35% discount on all additional services! Any additional time for our members is always just $30 per hour. Members also enjoy text access to their PA and priority scheduling for services. Slow month? No worries! We always rollover any unused time on your account.

All services are billed to the quarter hour. On-site services require a minimum of 2 hours.
Clients Who Wanted to Share Their Experience with Others

They handled everything from sourcing a property and relocating our [adult] child (I just had to sign the lease digitally), furnishing the property, ordering new technology and setting it up, assisting in filings with local government, applications for health insurance, and handling hospitality when needed. They have always been happy to be our liaison and concierge as needed. Knowing that Coor and her team were constantly available and willing to do whatever was necessary eased by stress through a very tense time.  I knew that someone was on top of things, when I could not be.

Client on Their Interstate Relocation

"Before I knew it, everything happened quickly and efficiently, she even had to deal with me out of the country and challenging financial logistics. The process was EASY AND SEAMLESS."       

-Corporate Event Coordinator on Her Experience with Badass P.A.

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