Below is a comprehensive list of the services that we provide to make your life oh-so-much more enjoyable!

The Executive

Your search for the best assistant has come to an end! We went through the trouble of locating them, hiring them, training them, and they are ready to assist you with your business or project!

We will take tasks off of your daily/weekly/quarterly list and free up extra hours in your schedule. Spending too much time in your inbox? We bring relief with our effective process for filtering emails, voicemails, and even corresponding on your behalf. There is a better way to life than spending every Sunday evening dreading Monday morning. With Badass PA, you’ll sleep better knowing that you got last week done last week.

Our PAs are quite personable as well! We’re happy to walk Fido while you are out of town or run the bag you forgot to pack to the airport. It is always our pleasure to assist you with whatever we can to make your day that much easier.

Data Management

Clear the clutter in your office by having a Badass PA manage your physical and digital files! From organizing your expense documentation, client files, maintaining your mailing list, to finally getting all of your photos and digital life in one place.

The Clone Yourself

Whether you can't do it because you're at work, out of town, or you just don't want to get off your couch, HAVE BADASS P.A. GO IN YOUR PLACE! Our Badasses are happy to be your personal liaison, run your errands, grab Fido's speciality treats, and do anything else you want us to do. If you like, we'll even pay for your expenses upfront and you can cover them on the backend.


If you need to know, we can help you find out. We locate information you need, analyze it, and communicate it to you in simple terms. We’ve researched it all! Everything from government regulations to your competitor’s offerings and prices. Whatever you need to know, our Badasses will get it to you as quick as possible so you can move on with making your decisions.

Technology & Digital Training

Virtual reality isn’t for everybody, but everybody deserves to use the advances in modern technology without frustration. Our knowledgeable Badasses can educate you on your new tools and toys in a stress-free session. Streamline your business by utilizing cloud services and learn how to co-work in real time with every member of your team from your phone or computer!

Social Media Management

Feel like your company's tweets and Facebook posts are dull? Let our social media team make your brand shine!

We make it easy with our process that stays true to your brand and your voice! We provide feed curation, content development across all platforms, analytics, and ad campaign management. Stop stressing and start understanding your digital marketing strategy. Still not sure? Our content writers have been featured in NY Magazine, Buzzfeed, E! Online, Cosmo, and more! Contact us today for rates and we’ll develop a strategy that works for your business!

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Party & Event Planning

Ensuring that a hundred people all have fun at the same time is challenging. That’s where we come in! Allow us to assist you with the logistics, setup, and execution of your next event. With our team behind you, you’ll actually get to enjoy the party!

Travel & Leisure Arrangements

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, we can help coordinate everything from plane tickets and hotel reservations to leisurely activities! Our experience has provided us with tips, tricks, and workarounds to save stress and money while traveling.

Relocation Assistance

Moving in or out of PDX? We have an excellent process for getting all of your belongings safely from your old place to your new place. We’ll vet the movers, help with packing, and provide an inventory of every box so you aren’t stuck without anything while settling in.

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Of course we're bonded and insured!

Confidentiality, trustworthiness, and dependability are paramount at Badass P.A.


Address: 1819 SW 5th Ave. #201 Portland, OR 97201  Telephone: 503.803.5600